About us

Standard tech is an Industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturer

Since 1992, Standard Tech has been specialized in the manufacture of high-technology sanitizing machinery and systems for the food industry and all sectors susceptible to air contamination.

ISO 9001-2015, PED 97-23-CE and F-GAS CE 303-2008 certified, Standard Tech’s strength lies in the creation of turnkey industrial refrigeration systems that allow:

  • the client to communicate with one point of contact;
  • workshop production of machines;
  • on-site installation and 24/7 assistance for systems that use refrigerants such as ammonia, CO₂, freon and glycol with cutting-edge technical solutions that yield energy saving and high reliability.

Each system is monitored with personalized supervision systems to allow remote management and malfunction prevention.

The company manages quotation requests through on-site inspections by highly qualified engineers, and designs projects and the most technically suitable proposals in an entirely customized way.

The design phase is entirely overseen within the company and, during the manufacturing phase, is followed by project managers with many years of experience. After-sales assistance is managed by various authorised assistance centres located in the main countries in which the company operates so that can offer to the clients a more global, timely and professional service.

The industrial refrigeration systems constructed by Standard Tech mainly cover the following sectors:

  • dairy industry
  • industrial bakeries
  • meat processing and transformation industry
  • salami meat processing industry
  • raw ham meat processing industry
  • fishing industry
  • canning industry
  • storage and distribution centres
  • positive and negative temperature refrigerated goods logistics
  • industrial delis
  • pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry
  • fruit and vegetables sector
  • industrial pasta-making and milling industry
  • wine cellars, wine sector and breweries

In support of the refrigeration system Standard tech offers a series of patented equipment as:

  • panelling and accessories for ISOSTANDARD® sanitizable rooms
  • ecological ECOFREDDO® refrigeration stations
  • certified STERILTECH® clean rooms
  • entirely sanitizable UNIGEN-PLUS® air treatment units for floor installation
  • entirely sanitizable UNIGEN® air treatment units for suspended installation
  • manually sanitizable IBERNET® air treatment units for floor or suspended installation
  • ducts in washable fabric supported with VELO-CE® stainless steel accessories
  • TECHNOFLUX SYSTEM® air distribution systems for cheese ripening
  • BIOXTECH® curing systems in grottoes and traditional spaces for biological products
  • VERT-ICE® chilled water production systems
  • automatic static or spiral CRYORAPID® freezing or cooling tunnels
  • LOW COST ENERGY® high-efficiency energy saving devices
  • stainless steel shelving or polyethylene RACKKING®
  • CONTROL TECH 3000® electronic regulation and remote management systems